Charity from heart– where love stays       

Since ancient times, our fathers have raised many spiritual education lessons for solidarity, humanitarianism for good … in the treasure of folk literature, proverbs, folk songs, fairy tales … the meaning of humanity, solidarity is manifested very richly, easily going into people’s hearts

“One horse gets hurt, all horses ignore grass”.

In the world, the meaning of humanity and charity is enhanced from the previous centuries with the introduction of the International Committee of the Red Cross (Red Cross) (1863), the precursor of Red Cross – Red Crescent today. The purpose of meaningful humanitarian and charitable activities around the world and in our country has the same meaning for human beings. Charity, from a sociological perspective, is a beautiful act, a humane act, rich in honesty. It is a key to opening the human heart, connecting people, contributing to the creation of family happiness and social peace. In the world of conscience, charity is a marvelous sky. It comes to itself, beautifies us and people, and then leaves by itself but still unites people without borders. A gentle smile for people to love, or an extra grain of rice for small birds to eat, is enough to make a wonderful thing.

Yet now the kindness of charity is accompanied by anxiety and skepticism. When it comes to philanthropy, we think that a lot of people have to contemplate: “Will the things we share with the unfortunate ones reach the unfortunate ones? Is it really useful and has transformed the unhappiness? The mistrust and meager beliefs of people in charitable activities in this era are also the concerns and hearts of our group when establishing this Charity organization.

However, Tu Tam Group is still born, still working and will be strong for the goal of good things, bridging love for charitable hearts to those in difficult circumstances, ” Everyone’s blood is red, everyone pursuits happiness, everyone has the same desire but different fate, happy people, poor people, unfortunate people, lucky people “. Doing charity is to help the unfortunate lives. Doing charity is helping people, helping them overcome difficulties and illness, to lead a peaceful and happy life.

In addition to the same will of devotion to help life to help people from many different members, we – ” Compassionate Charity” have oriented our organization from the beginning, the prerequisite is to become into a charity organization that is able to absorb the world’s progress in philanthropy: “Publicity, transparency, accuracy, efficiency and willingness to connect with the community to spread love together”. Compassion Charity takes transparency, solidarity, responsibility and sincere love to nurture the clear “Mind” for all members, Manh Thuong Quan, benefactors, that is the bottom line for this organization’s sustainability, an organization that we have thought of and nurtured from our sincere heart.

Tu Tam Group says no to the mid-way states – spontaneous – immature failure. That is the painful situation of charitable activities in Vietnamese society these days. What our organization wants is to really contribute to change the unhappiness and darkness that are still lurking around this life, changing the face of people in difficult, poor places, especially bringing smiles, endless happiness to everyone.

Tu Tam Group members are not very happy, fully satisfied ones, and ready to give to everyone, but we are the people who really want to give, because we feel happy to give away. We are ordinary people, but we want to live a more meaningful and joyful life. The operating criteria of the Charity Center is to charity towards sharing solutions, specific orientations for people in difficult circumstances, giving them life’s meaning, from which they can steadily reach out from their own misfortune to live a better life. It is also the spirit of “giving them a fishing rod instead of feeding them only one meal”. Kindness is a good thing, but it is even more wonderful when kindness is shown by material things to help with practical needs, to understand that, we always try our best to do our jobs first. We live a better life with the desire to help more people. “A tree can’t make a forest, three trees bunched up into a high mountain”, a few people can not do big things, so we need a lot of contribution and trust from the community to share happiness as well as unhappiness with people. Many great charity projects need an entire organization to get support from, have to experience a long period of building and overcoming many obstacles to achieve great significance, creating great changing values ​​and shared values. Share will be great and widespread in the community. Effective charitable activities, high dispersion also show the value of education and cultivate a humanistic spirit in each individual in particular and national culture in general.

The first steps will certainly not be easy, it will not be as simple as words … but with careful preparation in organizational activities, building principles, clear and important methods of operation, above all expression of quality and value of the charitable works we build, we believe that will be called into a name, a sustainable organization through the true effects that bring to the community, as inherently, beauty will be seen and donated without saying too much.               Tu Tam Group is also a place where every member and every participant is cared about more, living more for themselves, sharing together beautiful memories of life, orienting towards the meaning of life. Because we believe that if from within a happy organization, we can bring happiness to others, and together develop a sustainable society.

Tu Tam Group, originally founded by only three co-founders initially,  after more than a year of operation, has become a volunteer group with nearly 50 members. The group’s activities in the spirit of “Publicity, transparency, accuracy, efficiency and willingness to connect with the community to spread love” have done a lot of useful work for the community.


  1. Founders

Mr Đặng Quốc Dũng

Ms Nguyễn Kim Thúy

Ms Đinh Thị Nhung

  1. Board of management

Mr Phạm Minh

Mr Nguyễn Tất Nhân

Mr Nguyễn Ngọc Tâm

Mr Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Tâm

Mr Đinh Thị Nhung

Mr Nguyễn Quốc Thịnh

     III. Official members

Mrs Đinh Thị Tảo

Sư cô Trúc Tường

Sư cô Trúc Huỳnh

Mr Đặng Quốc Dũng

CMs Nguyễn Kim Thúy

Mr Phạm Minh

Mr  Nguyễn Tất Nhân

Mr Nguyễn Ngọc Tâm

Ms Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Tâm

Mr Đặng Trung

Mr Đặng Quốc Khánh

Ms Vũ Đại Thắng

Mr Bùi Công Chiến

Mr Nguyễn Hoàng Phương

Mr Tăng Hồng Canh

Ms Phạm Vĩnh Minh Trang

Mr Trần Linh Vũ

Mr Đỗ Văn Triệu

Ms Phạm Thị Nguyệt Án

Ms Nguyễn Thị Thu Hằng

Ms Trần Ngọc Hạnh

Ms Nguyễn Thị Cẩm Tú

Ms Tô Thị Sinh

Ms Trịnh Thị Thu Thanh

Ms Hồng Loan (Quốc tịch Đức)

Ms Trần Thị Thúy

Ms Nguyễn Thị Quý

Ms Nguyễn Hương Huyền

Mr Ngô Văn Xuân

Ms Nguyễn Thu Phượng

Ms Phạm Vân (Quốc tịch Nga)

Ms Cao Phượng

Ms Phạm Thị Hòa

Mr Tào Đức Hiệp

Mr Nguyễn Phi Triều

Mr Mai Văn Lợi

Ms Nguyễn Thị Hoài

Mr Nguyễn Tuấn Hưng

Mr Huỳnh Hải

Mr Bích Chi

Mr Mỹ Á

Ms Đinh Thị Dung

Ms Đinh Thị Nhung

Mr Nguyễn Quốc Thịnh

Ms Phạm Thùy Ân